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Bobbi Symone Frontals

100% Raw Indian Hair on an undetectable lace . Our frontals  blend effortlessly and look extremely natural giving the appearance of the hair actually growing from your scalp! Each individual hair has been hand tied to a lace base material that allows you to part the hair however you desire. No glue or adhesives needed to apply makes for a more natural and healthy install. frontals are available in lengths 14”, 16” or 18”and are a perfect size of 13”x4". Note:  knots do not come bleached. 

Bobbi Symone Frontals

  • Shampoo instructions

    1. Wet hair with lukewarm water .Then gently shampoo extensions with sulfate free shampoo conditioner

    2. Let condition sit for 3-5 minutes before rinsing

    3. Towel dry extensions then apply leave in conditioner and 2-4 drops of Bobbi symone’s natural growth oil and comb through

    4. Hang and allow to dry

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